Video Interviews by Stephen Ibaraki

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Ivan Caballero: Tech Serial Entrepreneur; Advisor for the use of technology and internet applied to social engagement, purpose driven entrepreneurship, citizen oriented cities

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Felix Kerger: Developer Advocate for King's internal game engine; Member of ACM's Future of Computing Academy

VIDEO INTERVIEW: A chat with Markus Pohl: Head of Project Child Growth Monitor about digital healthcare

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Florian Kemmerich: Managing Partner at Bamboo Capital Partners; Entrepreneur; Impact Investor

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Oleg Volkosh: President of Mediaplus Group, RUSSIA/YPO Impact Officer

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Vadim Belyakov: Founder, NOTALONE; YPO Europe Regional Chair; Serial Entrepreneur

VIDEO INTERVIEW: A Chat with Sivaaji De Zoysa: Renowned International Industrialist and Chairman YPO 3.0 Social Impact Network Council Empowering Global Transformation for Good

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Stephen Hecht: Co-founder and Chief Executive Peacemaker of Million Peacemakers

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Abhijit Pawar: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Visionary

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Pierce B Dunn: Serial Entrepreneur; Futurist; Co-founder The Knowledge Pledge - Using global collaboration to scale social impact solutions

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Dr. Wouter Bronsgeest: Chair, Royal Dutch Association for IT- and Information Professionals (KNVI); Senior Researcher; Expert in strategic development, business and IT Alignment; Changemaker

VIDEO INTERVIEW: L. Song Richardson: Dean and Chancellor's Professor of Law, University of California, Irvine School of Law; President of Colorado College (beginning July 1, 2021); Leading Expert on implicit racial and gender bias; Leading expert on race and policing

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Allyson Hewitt: Social Entrepreneur; Social Innovator; Educator; Vice-President Impact, MaRS Discovery District

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Ashley Casovan: Executive Director of AI Global; Chair, Responsible AI Certification Working Group, World Economic Forum; Top Leader in the social tech community

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Richard (Dick) Gochnauer, Chairman and Managing General Partner, SC Master Fund; Co-founder CEO Leadership Alliance OC (CLA); Retired Chief Executive Officer, Essendant; Serial Entrepreneur

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Divya Chander MD, PhD, Anesthesiologist; Neuroscientist; Researcher; Entrepreneur - who works at the intersection of health, data, technology, and data security

VIDEO INTERVIEW: James Ehrlich: Founder of ReGen Villages; Entrepreneur in Residence at the Stanford University School of Medicine Flourishing Project; Faculty at Singularity University; Senior Fellow at NASA Ames Research Center

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Alain Chetrit: Co-founder and founding managing partner of The Knowledge Pledge; Founder of YPO Global Impact; Serial Entrepreneur

VIDEO INTERVIEW: VIDEO INTERVIEW: A Chat with Robert Cohen: Economist; Senior fellow at the Economics Strategy Institute; Researcher; Co-founder NYSERNet about the Impact of the Acceleration and Integration of the different types of technology including Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, AI, 5G, Quantum Computing

VIDEO INTERVIEW: World Food Programme (WFP) -- Winner Nobel Peace Prize 2020 October 9th -- DEEP CHAT WITH DAVID BEASLEY, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
WFP: Tops Globally--Largest UN Agency, Largest Humanitarian Program, First and top-ranked UN Innovation Accelerator, Fast Company Top Awards 2017/2020, Largest Humanitarian Logistics Supply Network

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Gerassimos Spyridakis: Business and Financial Sector; Accelerators; Startups; Entrepreneur; European Executive Committee of YPO

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Julie Hill Globally Inspiring Pioneering Top Leader across industries, innovation, social impact

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Discussion with Sir Roger Penrose: Emeritus Professor at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford and David Russell, Software Development Manager, Amazon Prime Video

VIDEO INTERVIEW: DEEP CHAT WITH DAVID BEASLEY, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, WORLD FOOD PROGRAM (WFP); Tops Globally--Largest UN Agency, Largest Humanitarian Program, First and top-ranked UN Innovation Accelerator, Fast Company Top Awards 2017/2020, Largest Humanitarian Logistics Supply Network

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Harry Moseley, global top CIO: Hall of Fame, currently Zoom; prior KPMG, Blackstone; Insights on society 5.0 digital transformation, big technology drivers, leadership qualities, success attributes, the future

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Hausi Müller: Professor, Computer Science, University of Victoria; International expert in software engineering, software evolution, quantum computing, adaptive systems, Internet of Things (IoT), and intelligent cyber-physical systems; Top Researcher; Co-Chair of the IEEE Future Directions Quantum Initiative

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Mark Wehde: Chair of the Mayo Clinic Division of Engineering; Executive leader of team of engineers, software developers, and project managers providing development and integration of technology solutions across Mayo Clinic

VIDEO INTERVIEW: John Hennessy, Shriram Family Director Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program; ACM A.M. Turing Awardee; Chair Board Alphabet

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Bruke Kifle: Computer Scientist, Researcher, Innovator, Educator and Product Leader passionate about the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, business, ethics and society

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Ravikiran Annaswamy: Innovation and Business Leader; Serial Entrepreneur; Start-up Mentor; Vice-President of Membership and Marketing for IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society

VIDEO INTERVIEW: A Chat with Gerard (Gus) Gaynor, IEEE Life Fellow, about his amazing career that spans technical, management, entrepreneurial, and innovation

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Dr. Vassil Dimitrov: Scientist; Researcher; Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Calgary

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Dr. Sudeendra Thirtha Koushik: Top Scientist, Entrepreneur, Innovator; Vice President IEEE Technology & Engineering Management Society; Chief Innovator and co-founder of PRASU

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Doug Wilson: Chair CEO Leadership Alliance Orange County; Executive Fellow at The Center for Higher Ambition Leadership; CEO Next Solutions; Author TeamSight - Top Transformational Visionary, Thought Leader

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