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  CIPS Interviews

Interviews by Stephen Ibaraki, I.S.P.

John Coggeshall: Internationally Respected Developer/Technical Consultant for Zend Technologies
John a Technical Consultant for Zend Technologies where he provides professional services to clients around the world. He is author of two books and over 100 articles on PHP technologies. John is also an active contributor to the PHP core as the author of the tidy extension, a member of the Zend Education Advisory Board, and a frequent speaker at PHP related conferences worldwide. His web site, is an excellent resource for any PHP developer.

Roy Levien: Internationally Renowned Business Consultant, Author
Roy Levien...Inventor at Intellectual Ventures, an intellectual property fund, and the Manager and Principal of Keystone Advantage LLC, a strategy and technology consultancy. Recent works  include, "The Keystone Advantage: What the New Dynamics of Business Ecosystems Mean for Strategy Innovation and Sustaintability" (with M. Iansiti, Harvard Business School Press), and the article, "The Ecology of Strategy" (also with Professor Iansiti, Harvard Business Review).

Michael Robertson: Internationally renowned Visionary, Technology Authority, and Entrepreneur shares his views
Michael Robertson...founder and CEO of Linspire, Inc., the leading software company supporting a full desktop, Linux-based product line. He is also CEO of a company that harnesses the power of the Internet to allow customers to make free long distance calls.

Stephan Richter: Open Source Zope Luminary, Developer, and Authority
Stephan Richter...a developer and well-known contributor within the Zope community has been involved with Zope since 1999. He has been involved in  Zope community activities such as documentation and organizing the first EuroZope conference, plus working with Zope solution providers, developing add-on products, publishing books on Zope and taking a lead on Zope 3 sub-projects.

Jack Messman: Chairman and CEO of Novell shares his views
Jack Messman...Chairman and CEO of Novell, brings a long history of senior executive achievement and experience to Novell from leading top companies in the technology, energy, and entertainment/broadcasting fields.

International Management Authority Shares His Views
Ike Hall...AUMBA/CIM respected mentor, faculty, and coach; Program Head of the BBA Program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)

Chairman of the Network Professional Association - the Leading Organization for Network Computing Professionals
James Belasco...Chairman of board of directors for the Network Professionals Association, the global voice of the networking industry and international advocate for the network computing professional.

Noted Expert in Networking, Security, and Internet Technology, and Successful Writer, Speaker, and Educator
Michael Gregg...President of Superior Solutions, Inc., is a noted authority on security, networking, and internet technologies. He is a networking and security expert for and He is a successful educator, speaker, and writer.

Internationally Recognized, Widely Respected Security Authority and Editor of Secure Enterprise
Mike Fratto...Editor of Secure Enterprise and widely respected security authority. A sought-after speaker, he has presented at several conference including NetWorld+Interop and MISTI (Internet Security Conference).

Internationally Regarded Top-Ranking Group Editorial Director of Industry Leading Publications
Rob Preston is the editor-in-chief for Network Computing, but also serves in a larger fashion as Editorial Director of the Network Computing Enterprise Architecture Group, which includes Network Magazine, Intelligent Enterprise, Secure Enterprise, and Storage Pipeline.

Leading International Authority in Eclipse and Acknowledged Expert in Enterprise Java and Object Oriented Technologies.
Carlos Valcarcel...Director of Technology at Trivera Technologies, is a highly regarded subject matter expert in the field of Enterprise Java and Object Oriented Technologies. Carlos has spent the bulk of his twenty year career, architecting and programming critical object-oriented business systems, utilizing his extensive skills in Java, J2EE and other leading-edge technologies. Read his recent book, "Eclipse Kick Start" (Sams), which focuses on the practical uses of Eclipse including plug-in creations and architecture.

A+ Certification Expert, Internationally renowned Researcher and Design Engineer, and Best-selling Author
Charles Brooks...A+ Certification expert, best-selling author, and internationally renowned researcher and design engineer. His latest book, "A+ Certification Exam Cram 2 PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting Field Guide", provides quick and easy access to installing, configuring, troubleshooting and repair information and is a great supplemental resource in exam studies for A+ candidates.

Successful Writer, Researcher, Publisher who is listed in Marquis Who's Who of American Women
Carol Anne a successful writer, researcher, and publisher who is listed in Marquis Who's Who of American Women. With clients ranging from individuals to Fortune 500 companies, she specializes in writing effectively and teaching others to do the same.

Recognized Expert in Field of Organization
Valentina a professional organizer and founder of SGRO Consulting, Solutions for Getting Really Organized, dedicated to assisting individuals and businesses to develop customized systems tailored to their unique personalities, atmospheres and situations, which results in increased productivity and reduced stress. She is a Certified Chronic Disorganization Specialist, a member of National Association of Professional Organizer's (NAPO) Golden Circle, and a former Executive Board member for the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization (NSGCD).

Award-winning Graphic Designer and Expert in Adobe Illustrator CS and Adobe Creative Suite
Mordy an Adobe Certified Expert and Print Specialist and consultant specializing in the Adobe Creative Suite and Mac OS X migration. He is an author and has served as a hands on trainer and spoken at worldwide events and seminars. He has worked as product manager for Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Illustrator CS. In October 2003, in recognition of his extensive knowledge and contributions, he was named Champion of Graphic Design by Graphics IQ.

Respected Author and Expert on Information Delivery, Business Intelligence, and Enterprise Reporting Products
Neil and expert on Information delivery, Business Intelligence, and Enterprise reporting products, helps provide information solutions to Fortune 500 companies across North America by helping Business Objects clients understand the potential of Business Intelligence through the Crystal Suite of products.

Widely Regarded IT and Information Storage Specialist Shares His Extensive Business Expertise
Ron Durbin...Director of Industry Relations for the Information Storage Center (ISIC) at UCSD, and respected Information Systems professional, shares his extensive writing, marketing, and business expertise.

Successful Author, Software Consultant, and Developer
Mike an independent software consultant and developer, and a successful author of numerous books and articles in the area of database and development. He is lead developer and president of Larkware, Inc., a prolific author, and is also a contributing editor of Application Development Trends (ADT) and MCP Magazines and a columnist for MCP Magazine online. His professional website is at  To check out life at the far, see

Recognized WordPerfect Expert...
Laura Acklen...a WordPerfect Expert, who over the past ten years has authored or co-authored over fifteen books on WordPerfect. Her latest book, co-authored with Read Gilgen, "Special Edition Using WordPerfect 12", is crammed with tips, tricks, and practical examples that you won't find anywhere else.

A Pioneer in Digital Media on the PC and Respected Authority in Multimedia Presentations and PowerPoint
Tom of the pioneers in digital media on the PC, is a prolific writer, instructor, lecturer, consultant and a respected authority in multimedia presentations and PowerPoint.

"One of the greatest digerati" and amongst the "Top 25 Most Influential Women on the Web"
Molly E. Holzschlag...internationally renowned best-selling author, instructor, Web designer; steering committee member for Web Standards Project (WaSP); instructor of Webmaster courses for the University of Arizona, University of Phoenix, and Pima Community College; writer of, Integrated Design, for Web Techniques Magazine for the last three years of its life; former Executive Editor of

Internationally Recognized, Top-Level Consultant, Writer, Author, Public Speaker, and Webcaster on Microsoft Technologies
Kenton Gardinier...senior consultant with Convergent Computing; more then ten years designing business solutions worldwide; leader of early adopter engagements implementing products such as Windows Server 2003, Exchange Server 2003, and SharePoint Portal Server 2003.

Mr. Excel, World's Foremost Spreadsheet Wizard
Bill Jelen...internationally acclaimed top authority on Excel; receives 10 million+ page views; writer/author/producer of books, CDs, message boards; developer of VBA/Macro-based business solutions.

Internationally Known Authority on the Mac and FileMaker
Jesse author; member of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance

Leading Authority on the Mac Shares His Views
Brad author of Mac-related books; development and technical editor; featured speaker at Macworld Expo.

Internationally Renowned Multimedia Authority
Gary Rosenzweig...Chief Engineer, founder, and owner of CleverMedia, a game and multimedia development company in Denver, Colorado; author of ten books on Macromedia Director and Flash.

Best-selling Author, and Famous, Top-ranking IT Authority Shares his Views
Paul McFedries...president of Logophilia Limited, a technical writing company; best-selling author of more than 40 books with nearly three million copies worldwide; proprietor of Word Spy, a Web site that generates over a million page views each month; and has won numerous awards.

Internationally Respected and Widely Regarded Author, Writer, Consultant
Michael Miller...internationally acclaimed, top authority; best-selling author/writer; President of The Molehill Group, a strategic consulting and authoring firm.

Widely Respected Leader in the Non-Profit Sector and Passionate Conservationist Shares His Views
Patrick W. Olenick...Director of Development, Ecotrust Canada

Internationally Respected and Widely Regarded Freelance Sound Designer, Audio Engineering Consultant, Music Composer
Jay Shaffer...20+ years in the recording industry including videos, films, and computer games; produced and recorded several award-winning albums; additional background in lighting design, scenic design, art direction; administers the web site.

Widely Regarded, Internationally Renowned Strategic Technology Consultant, Programmer, Author and Speaker
Harold Davis...noted authority on digital photography, wireless networking, web services, and programming methodologies.

Top-ranking IT Authority and Senior Executive
Joseph Dell...more than a decade of leading industry experience; noted author of security papers and articles; past manager of VeriSign Professional Services Security Services division (formerly SecureIT); now CTO of Vigilar, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Legendary and Internationally Acclaimed IT Authority Achieves Milestone
Ed Tittel...recipient of the 2004 Best Networking Professional, Career Achievement Award, from the Network Professional Association (NPA) in cooperation with NetWorld+Interop. Ed is a 20-year world-renowned expert in training, certification, IT technologies with over 130 books to his credit, innumerable articles, and an extensive background in program development, senior management, speaking, teaching, editing, consulting, and research.

Acclaimed Writer, Noted Video/Graphics Expert
Gerald Everett of more than 20 books on computer and business subjects; featured screenwriter; past director of the Independent Writers of Southern California (IW0SC); member of the Dramatists Guild and the Writers Guild of America; expert in computer graphics, industrial video, and website development; writer and executive producer of the InnRoom Shopping Network, a private TV channel in luxury hotels.

Noted Communications Expert, IT Authority, and Prolific Author
Shelley O'Hara...published author of more than 100 books including all-time bestsellers; more than a decade of freelance business consulting; expertise in writing, editing, designing, teaching, training, promoting - creating book series from initial concept to final product; career and personal coach.

Internationally-Acclaimed Author, Writer, Speaker, Programmer, and Applications Expert
Greg of the world's most prolific authors with more than 75 published internationally; acknowledged authority in programming and in applications; widely sought internationally renowned speaker/writer; sold more than two million computer books worldwide covering such diverse areas as operating systems and Visual Basic programming.

Celebrated IT Expert and Author Shares Her Views
Susan of numerous books/articles on database and Web technologies; noted independent consultant; Publications Director, Database Advisors at

Internationally Renowned Strategist and It Authority
Mitchell Levy is a strategist, educator and prognosticator helping companies succeed by putting tools in the hands of corporations/individuals that enable them to create their own success. He is a frequent media guest and a popular speaker, lecturing on business and management issues throughout the U.S. and around the world. He has started 10 companies/joint ventures since 1997 and has provided strategic consulting to over 100 companies.

Internationally-renowned Analyst: Trevor Eddolls
Trevor Eddolls...Internationally-renowned senior analyst, author, lecturer, consultant, editor--Xephon (UK)

World Renowned Top-Ranked Development Expert on ASP.NET and Microsoft Technologies
Stephen Walther...famed developer/author; lead developer on the ASP.NET Community Starter Kit, creator of the widely recognized Collegescape and CityAuction Websites; noted provider of elite ASP.NET training through

Acclaimed Writer, Editor, Journalist, Media Expert
Steve Kovsky...contributing editor for ZDNet AnchorDesk; Technology Commentator of KFWB News Radio 980 in Los Angeles; recognized expert in the creation of streaming media content; Vice President and Editorial Director of Centric Events Group.

World Authority/contributor to PHP Project and Apache Module Author
George; past senior architect at CommunityConnect Inc. - helped scale to 130 million dynamic PHP requests/day; author of Zend Engine extensions for PHP; development expert; principal at OmniTI Computer Consulting.

International Web Services Authority Provides Valued Expert Advice
Michael Liebow…Vice President of Web Services for IBM's Global Services Division views Web Services as the critical enabling technology for IBM's On Demand vision.

Top-ranking Software Development Expert and Java Authority
Alan Moffet…more than 20 years of highly regarded experience in software development and management; Java development leader; noted author on Java-related topics and XML; member of the JCP.

Noted Writer, Author, Software Engineer, and Mac OS Expert
Brian Tiemann… freelance technology columnist and software engineer who has written extensively in online magazines about the Macintosh, Apple software, and the philosophy of user-friendly design.

Flash Expert Shares Secrets
David Vogeleer…acknowledged authority in Flash; Flash developer/instructor; author, speaker, writer; contributor to; co-administrator of

Mac Lover and Graphics Expert Shares Her Views
Kate Binder…Mac expert; author; she has written articles on graphics, publishing, and photography for magazines including Publish, PEI, and Desktop Publishers Journal.

Widely Regarded Author, Journalist/Columnist, Editor, Consultant, Web Expert
Kate Chase… has more than 13 book credits in Web design, PC hardware, operating systems, and Windows applications. She is an avid FrontPage user and expert having managed online communities for American Online, MSN, and ZD-net.

Respected Linux Expert, Writer, Author
Ken Burtch… using Linux since version 0.97; founder of PegaSoft Canada; active member of the Writers' Circle of Durham Region and his award-winning short story, "Distance", was recently published in the "Signatures" anthology.

Renowned IT Authority and Software Expert
Wesley Bertch…Director of Information Systems for Life Time Fitness, one of the fastest-growing health, fitness and nutrition companies in the US. and fitness retailers in the US.

Top-ranking IT Authority and Senior Executive
Bob Ferry…more than 20-years of leading industry experience; formerly President of Insight Information Inc.; past CIO at Sector Communications and Pathnet Telecommunications, and CTO at; past researcher in acoustic propagation models for the Navy; currently executive vice president and CIO of Deutsche Post Global Mail, Ltd. — the US division of Deutsche Post Global Mail, GmbH.

Internationally Regarded Group Publisher, Noted Editor and Journalist, Top Ranking Senior Executive
Fritz Nelson…Vice President, Group Publisher for the Network Computing Enterprise Architecture Group responsible for the overall direction and management of the following media brands: Network Computing, Network Magazine, Intelligent Enterprise, Secure Enterprise, Storage Pipeline and Transform; previously, reviews editor, the features editor, executive editor, editor, and editor-in-chief for Network Computing.

Top-ranking Authority and Researcher in C++, C#, Development, and Advanced Customizable User Interface Architectures
Mark Schmidt…software engineer at Hewlett-Packard researching in advanced customizable user interface architectures; noted author of articles and books on C# and C++; developer of a functional ASP.NET capable Web Server.

Internationally Regarded 20-year Development Expert in C++, Java, C# .NET
Matt Weisfeld… noted author and writer; international conference speaker; authority in software development, project management, business development; member of the Information Technology Faculty at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio.

Internationally Authority in Pearl, PHP, Java, Lingo, AppleScript, HTML, Web Design, Web Developer, Trainer and Writer
Matt Zandstra…development expert; widely regarded writer/author/consultant; Technical Director, Corrosive Web Design Ltd. (

Internationally Acclaimed Microsoft FrontPage Authority and Web Expert
Paul Colligan…CEO of Inc. (, an online provider of consulting, technologies, and Web properties for Internet marketing; Webmaster of several popular Internet Marketing sites that include FrontPage World and You Can Sell Online ( and

Widely Respected and Noted Business Information Technology Authority, Project Management Expert, Author, Consultant
Gregory Horine… certified (PMP, CCP) business technology professional with more than fifteen years of consulting experience across multiple industries.

Internationally Renowned Certification and Security Expert; Wireless Authority; Widely-regarded Writer, Author and Trainer
Will Schmied…operator of the certification portal, President of Area 51 Partners Inc.

Widely Respected Development Authority and PHP, MySQL, Apache, Internet-technologies Expert
Julie Meloni…highly-regarded Internet development expert; noted author and writer; Technical Director at i2i Interactive

Internationally Regarded Award-Winning IT Authority, Top Ranking Senior Executive
Jake Star…currently VP and Chief Information Security Executive for Mohegan Sun Resort, $1.3B operation, the world’s most profitable casino/resort operation; achieved software development awards from PC Magazine, PC World, and Parent’s Choice Foundation; Advisory Board Member for Network Computing Magazine.

Top-flight Technical Editor / Author / Writer, Communications Instructor
Gina Carrillo...technical writer and editor of 10 years; technical communications instructor at the University of South Florida in Tampa; freelance author and technical editor for Que Publishing and Sams Publishing

World-renowned Hardware Expert and Authority on Data-Recovery
Scott Mueller… universally esteemed; considered the most authoritative, and trusted hardware voice with a highly respected international reputation; best-selling author of the highest selling essential guide in the history of hardware publishing; eminent training expert in PC hardware, operating systems, and data-recovery techniques; president of Mueller Technical Research.

World-Renowned 20-year Development Expert in C, Unix, Shell Programming, and Authority on ColdFusion
Stephen Kochan… is the best-selling author or co-author of eight classic books on C programming and Unix; former senior software consultant to the famous Bell Laboratories; co-inventor of the software patent for printing in reduced memory environments (PowerBand technology); currently president and founder of TechFitness.

Renowned International Development Expert on ASP.NET and Microsoft Technologies
Scott Mitchell…famed developer; noted author/writer; widely respected trainer and consultant; founder, editor, primary contributor to, one of the largest ASP resource sites.

World-renowned, Esteemed International Authority on Information Technology
Rand Morimoto…more than 25 years of top-ranking industry experience; best-selling author; celebrated conference speaker; prominent writer; cyber-expert to the White House; doctoral candidate; President of Convergent Computing.

Internationally Known Development Authority and Expert in Web Services, Java, J2EE, XML, BEA WebLogic
Paul J. Perrone…noted author, enterprise development expert; founder and CTO of Assured Technologies, Inc.

Widely Regarded, Internationally Renowned Developer on: .NET, XML, UML, C++, Java, ASP, VB, Perl, Internet, Web services
Kate Gregory…best-selling author, distinguished speaker, adjunct faculty at Trent University, acclaimed developer, Microsoft Regional Director, founding sponsor of a .NET Users Group, founding partner at Gregory Consulting Limited.

Best-selling Author and Top-ranking A+ Authority
Craig Landes…more than twenty-years of time-tested information systems experience; highly respected A+ author, together with James G. Jones, whose “A+ Exam Cram 2” book (220-221, 220-222) is a favorite of certification candidates.

Internationally Known Business Travel Authority Provides Best Practices
Donna Williams…former senior business executive turned writer and consultant gives practical advice on traveling—required reading for all.

World Renowned Entrepreneur, Distinguished Software Architect/Designer/Developer, Noted Speaker, and Widely Acknowledged Technology Expert
Bill French…co-founder of MyST Technology Partners and Global Technologies Corporation; authored or co-authored more than 36 software products sold to millions of customers worldwide; his software has garnered many awards including Database Advisors’ Readers Choice Awards for 9 consecutive years, IT Excellence and PCWeek Analysts’ Choice Awards; regular contributor to IDG’s Information age with past regular articles featured in DBMS Magazine, Database Advisor, and Lotus Notes Advisor; past, roles have included Chief Architect for Starbase Corporation, Chief Architect for Site Technologies Inc., and Controller/VP Finance for Veldkamp’s Floral Corporation.

Renowned and Widely Regarded Project Management Author, Consultant, Instructor
David Francis… adjunct Project Management Instructor at Indiana Institute of Technology and Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis; Director of Education for the Project Management Institute, Central Indiana Chapter; PMI Registered Education Provider; president of The Project Management Company.

Internationally Regarded Authority on Web services and Microsoft Senior Developer Specialist
Ashwin Karuhatty…noted expert in Microsoft technologies.

Award Winning Author, Writer, Top Adobe Expert
Jeff Sengstack… regional Emmy-award winning former news reporter; two Society of Professional Journalists first-place awards; widely acknowledged Adobe Expert and Instructor on Premiere.

Internationally Acclaimed Word Perfect Authority and MS Word Expert
Laura Acklen…celebrated author, contributor to Corel’s, moderator at WordPerfect Universe, Web-guru of

Distinguished, Internationally Regarded Design Engineer, Patent Holder, and A+ Authority
Charles Brooks…noted best-selling author, highly respected curriculum designer and researcher, certification expert, member of the CompTIA’s vaunted A+ Advisory Committee, and President of Marcraft International Corporation.

Top International Expert in Excel and Noted Author
Patrick Blattner…author, writer; Excel authority; member of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences; formerly with Disney Interactive in media development; currently, a top specialist within the AOL product group.

Top award-winning executive in Networking shares her views
Trish Gulbranson ... President and CEO of NetPro Computing Inc.; named Technology Leader of the Year and sits on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Technology Council; co-chaired the Investing In Innovation Venture Capital Conference for six years.

Foremost hardware expert
Scott Mueller ... president of Mueller Technical Research; Upgrading and Repairing PCs is an international best seller with more than 2.3 million copies sold; articles have appeared in many publications including Forbes, Investors Business Daily.

Development and MS Access--International Expert
Roger Jennings ... one of Microsoft’s 15 “Access Heroes”; 21+ book credits, 1.25 million English copies in print; principal of OakLeaf Systems; contributing editor for Fawcette Technical Publication’s Visual Studio Magazine and a columnist for .NET Insight and XML & Web Services newsletters; developer of the OakLeaf XML Web Services development site and his OakLeaf US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) XML Web services demonstration project won the 2002 Microsoft .NET Best Charter Award for horizontal solutions.

Renowned Expert in Security
Richard Chadderton ... data networking expert specializing in large-scale data network security design, defence, and investigations.

International Authority in Linux
Hoyt Duff ... author; contributor for Linux Format magazine; helped edit English versions of the Mandrake 7.x and 8.x documentation, and he has helped edit the early English content for the webzine,

Internationally recognized expert in digital photography and Adobe Photoshop
Carla Rose ... 28 books credits; contributing editor for Photoshop User magazine and has written for the Atlantic Fisherman, Adobe Magazine and The New Yorker.

Master of multimedia and web applications, and noted Dreamweaver expert
Zak Ruvalcaba ... founder and president of Module Media, a media development and training firm; author.

Job Opportunities
Stephen Mill ... regional manager for Robert Half Technology shares his views.

Java, Linux, Radio Userland guru and accomplished author, web developer
Rogers Cadenhead ... Web publisher (sites receive seven million hits a year); columnist for Linux Magazine and has authored more than 17 books.

Expert on web technologies and the Mac
Robyn Ness ... web developer at Ohio State focusing in usability and content design; author.

Linux kernel authority and noted software engineer
Robert Love ... author, contributing editor for Linux Journal and a software engineer for MontaVista Software; kernel projects include the process scheduler, the preemptive kernel, the VM, and multiprocessing enhancements. He maintains schedutils and procps.

World-renowned writer, author, journalist, publisher, humorist, Internet and technology expert
Randy Cassingham ... with more than 200,000 subscribers in over 190 countries, Randy is author and publisher of the highly successful newsletters and websites, This is True (, the True Stella Awards (, Heroic Stories (, and The Spam Primer (

Internationally renowned IT expert/Editor, and award-winning author
Preston Gralla ... 20 book credits; executive editor and columnist for CNet and ZDNet; newsletter, Gralla’s Internet Insider; CBS Early Show, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, TechTV, National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, and CNet Radio.

Highly respected author, consultant, programmer, and Exchange, Outlook, Access, SQL integration expert
Patricia Cardoza ... articles on Exchange and Outlook for TechRepublic, .NET Magazine, and Microsoft’s Office Communities page. In addition since 2001, she has been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Outlook.

Global and corporate communications authority
Patrice-Anne Rutledge ... 20 book credits; developer of the monthly columns, “Global Business Today,” and “eCommunicate".

Internationally known and widely respected author, writer, consultant
Michael Miller ... President of The Molehill Group a strategic consulting and authoring firm based in Carmel Indiana.

Top-ranking, patent awarded developer, past Microsoft lead engineer
Leo A. Notenboom ... owner of Puget Sound Software, LLC.

Expert on XSLT, SVG, XQuery
Kurt Cagle ... featured speaker at more than a dozen conferences in the last five years; founding writer and regular contributor for Fawcette’s XML and Web Services Magazine; author.

Spokesperson, author of industry articles and frequent public speaker on IT staffing
Katherine Spencer Lee ... executive director of Robert Half Technology, leading provider of information technology (IT) professionals on a project or full-time basis.

.NET authority and author of C# Station web site
Joe Mayo ... more than 17 years of industry experience, is an acknowledged authority in software development, specializing in .NET technologies; author. He opened his C# Station Web site in July of 2000.

Cisco and Microsoft networking expert, MS Office master
Joe Habraken ... international IT expert, consultant, best-selling author, trainer and educator with more than 15 years in the industry.

Leading enterprise architect and authority on Java J2EE, SOA, Web services, XQuery, Cisco
James McGovern ... Enterprise Architect for The Hartford Financial Services Group; author.

Master of .NET, VB, C#
James Foxall ... vice president for development and support for, writer for Access-Office-VBA Advisor and Visual Basic Programmer’s Journal; author.

Leading Mono, PostgreSQL, PHP expert
Hans-Jurgen Schonig ... author; one of the founding partners of Cybertec Geschwinde & Schonig.

Elite training and certification authority shares his views
Ed Tittel ... a 20 year world-renowned expert in training, certification, IT technologies with over 120 books to his credit.

World famous, multiple-award winning writers/editors/authors and IT/MS Office experts
Ed Bott and Woody Leonhard ...,

World Leading Authority in Disaster Recovery, business continuity planning, and security
Dexada Jorgensen ... senior manager, Telus

Guru, Cisco Networking and Certification
David Hucaby, CCIE No. 4594, noted author

2003 - Consulting Magazine's - Top 25 Consultants of the Year
Damian Walch ... VP of Consulting, T-Systems

Leading Anti-Spam Expert
Anne P. Mitchell Esq. ... widely respected attorney, President and CEO of the Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy (ISIPP)

Widely Respected International Authority on Web Services Strategy
David A. Litwack ... senior vice president, Novell Web Application Development Products

World-Renowned Authority on Broadband and an Industry Visionary
Rouzbeh Yassini ... founder/CEO of YAS Broadband Ventures LLC

UNIX and Internet Authority
Dave Taylor ... author, programmer, teacher, entrepreneur

Internationally-Renowned Authority in Digital Audio, Music, Sound and Sound Design
Gary Bourgeois ... Director of Multimedia, Vancouver Film School

World's Foremost Security Technologist
Bruce Schneier ... Founder and Chief Technical Officer for Counterpane Internet Security, Inc

Questions and Answers with an Experienced Manager
Jennifer Butcher ... QA Manager of Integration Products, for Pivotal Corporation

Foremost Expert in High-End Distributed Software Architectures
Roger Sessions ... author of many books, magazine articles, his own ObjectWatch Newsletter plus he heads up ObjectWatch Inc.

CRM Expert
Dean Guest ... one of the founders of iFusion Solutions Inc.

World-renowned Expert in XML, Semantic Web, Development
Mike Daconta ... Chief Scientist, APG, McDonald Bradley, Inc., author

Acclaimed Chief Executive
Jack Messman ... Chairman and CEO of Novell

Internationally-Renowned Analyst
Trevor Eddolls ... author, lecturer, consultant, editor--Xephon (UK)

Famed Writer, Cartoonist
J.D. “Illiad” Frazer ... Online strip 'User Friendly,' author

International Development Expert, Author, CodeGuru Writer
Paul Kimmel ... founder of Software Conceptions Inc., author

Software Development Tips
Paul Burns ... leading expert in SQL systems/OLAP, and .NET

eMedia Development Expert
Randy Coin ... international authority in electronic media, instructional design, and course development

Sun Java Expert
Ramesh Nagappan ... enterprise Java architect for Sun Java Center, Sun Microsystems, Burlington, MA; author

Windows 2003 Server & Industry Trends
Don Jones ... international technology consultant, TechMentor/Comdex presenter, and a founding partner of BrainCore.Net; author

A Look at the Publishing World
John Pierce ... Vice President of Merchandising, Pearson Education, the world's largest publisher

Development Expert
David Conger ... 20-year veteran of open source, network programming, computer graphics, C, C++, C#, and Java; author

Architecture Guru
Michael Daconta ... Director, Web & Technology Services at McDonald Bradley, Inc.; author

Microsoft Evangelism
Ilya Bukshteyn ... Group Program Manager, Developer Platform and Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp.

.NET Expert
Chris Payne ... international authority in the .NET framework, author

XML Expert
Ron Schmelzer ...renowned expert in XML and XML-based standards and initiatives, founder of ZapThink; author

Widely regarded chief executive
Jack Messman ... Novell CEO

Internationally Known Analyst
Trevor Eddolls ... senior editor, consultant with Xephon (UK); author

Software Development Expert
Dan Haywood ... specializing in OO design, Java and J2EE, Sybase technical consulting, and data modeling; author

Software Development Expert
Andy Carmichael ... renowned authority in software development methods and processes with more than 20 years experience in the industry; author

Noted Leader Shares His Views
Gordon Campbell ... BC Premier

International JAVA Expert
Andy Longshaw ... international expert in application development, deployment, consulting, training, and technical writing, Content Masters Ltd.; author

Crystal Decision Expert
Craig Todd ... Senior Program Manager, OEM, Crystal Decisions Inc. (formerly Seagate Software)

JAVA Expert
Martin Bond ... .. international expert in application development, deployment, consulting, training, and technical writing, Content Masters Ltd.; author

Acclaimed Developer & Trainer
Paul Sheriff ... renowned application developer, courseware developer/trainer, top MSDN Regional Director, founder PDSA Inc.

Expert in Interop
Adam Nathan ... world’s foremost expert in .NET/COM Interop and the Common Language Runtime, design engineer, Microsoft Corp.; author

World-renowned Application Expert and Foremost Expert in VB
Rod Stephens ... VB helper web site at, receives more than a million hits per month; author

Wireless Expert
Daniel Scuka ... freelance writer and senior contributing editor for J@pan Inc magazine where he covers wireless business and technology, entrepreneurship, tech ventures, and Internet-related issues; author

CLR Expert
Kevin Burton ... widely known and respected senior software design engineer, C++ veteran, and an international expert in COM development, C# and .NET; author

Systems Design Expert
Richard Longworth ... widely regarded systems expert, presenter at the World Computing Congress, senior computing faculty

Technology Writer
Peter Wilson ... “Net Works” technology editor, at the Vancouver Sun

World-leading Disaster Recovery Expert
Dexada Jorgensen ... senior manager, Telus

Current IT Market
Jelka Posilovic ... computing professional

Rising IT Company
Stu Sjouwerman ... President of Sunbelt Software, # 409 in the 2001 Inc. 500 List ; Editor of W2Knews ; author

Balancing an IT Career
Peter Rakoczy ... Director, Microsoft Consulting Services, Microsoft Canada Co.

Technology Careers
David O’Leary ... past President of the Association for Co-operative Education for BC/Yukon, current chair of co-operative education, and Prior Learning Assessment coordinator for a BC-based College, national leadership award recipient

Microsoft Canada
Andrew Coulson ... Director, National Partner Team, Microsoft Canada Co.

High-End Distributed Software Architectures
Roger Sessions ... world's foremost expert in high-end distributed software architectures, publisher ObjectWatch Newsletter, founder ObjectWatch Inc., former lead architect for the CORBA persistence service; author.

IT Media Productions
Ronait Tynan ... project manager with SmartForce’s e-Media group. Ronait is an international authority on IT and media productions for SmartForce, the world’s largest e-learning/training services company.

C# & .NET Expert
Christian Nagel ... Curriculum Management Software Development for Global Knowledge and MSDN Regional Director, Austria; author.

Ruby Creator
Y. Matsumoto ... world renowned, Yukihiro Matsumoto, the creator of Ruby and the author of O'Reilly's recently released book on the language, "Ruby in a Nutshell".

C++ Expert
Jesse Liberty ... highly respected international authority on C++, C#, and application development; author.

Dot Net Expert
Yong Tao Chen ... first person worldwide to earn MCDBA designation together with the CNA, MCSE+I, MCSD, CSP and NSP titles.

IT Priorities
Dr. Jamie Kaminski ... Senior Technology Analyst and Technical Briefings Manager Xephon.

.NET Guru
Larry Grothaus ... Lead Product Manager, .NET Enterprise Solutions, evangelist of the Microsoft .NET Enterprise server and development tools strategy, Microsoft Corp.; author.

Top Developer
D. Appleman ... world renowned expert and international authority of application development; top developer on COM, VB components, and .NET; author.

Top award-winning leader
Frank Clegg ... President of Microsoft Canada

Women in IT Management
Trish Gulbranson ... award-winning President of NetPro, a leading provider of directory infrastructure management software.

SQL Expert
Cindy Anderson ... senior analyst, and a top expert in SQL systems, for Microsoft in Redmond Washington.

Modeling Events for Today's System Requirements
Richard Longworth ... senior analyst and college educator

Future Directions
Jahnis Gillan ... Marketing Manager, Channel Development, Microsoft Canada

Important Technologies and Technology Directions
Dr. Jaime Kaminski ...  Senior Technology Analyst and Technical Briefings Manager, Xephon

SQL Expert
Tom Moreau ... regular columnist for SQL Server Professional, and author of "Advanced Transact-SQL for SQL Server 2000."

Windows XP
Erik Moll ... lead Manager for Microsoft’s Windows Platform Group

Dot Net Leader
Yong Tao Chen ... leading developer for some of the largest organizations

Women in IT
Cathy Michitsch ... founder Michitsch Systems Inc., Raiser's Edge specialists and customized database & web site designers and developers

Entering the IT Field
Cindy Robinson ... writer, editor, HiTech Career Journal

Internet Guru
Michael Flynn ... expert on .NET, Developer Tools, Commerce Server, BizTalk Server, ISA Server, Microsoft Corp.

Graphics Expert
Peter J. Bauer ... Photoshop 6 Web Magic

Graphics Expert
Jeff Foster ... Photoshop Web Magic series

Graphics Design Expert
Al Ward ... Contributor to the book "Inside Photoshop 6"

IT Trends
Dr Jaime Kaminski ... Senior e-Commerce Analyst and Technical Briefings Manager, Xephon



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